Documentary of How it All Began!

Pangean Orchestra is a 21st century revolution to the orchestral world! Inviting musicians from every corner of the globe and tradition together to perform as one, Pangea is the sound of this century! Our Music is at the Bottom of Every Page, Listen. 

2014 oversaw the expansion of the Pangean movement into New York City. The original Pangean Orchestra in Phoenix AZ is still going strong and now with an incredible list of musicians, Pangean Orchestra NYC is here. So now we have Pangean East, and Pangean West. 

So, for 2015 whether you are on the East or West coast be on the look out for great things from our Pangean movement. We bring musicians from all cultures, continents, and musical traditions together on one stage to create never before heard concert pieces. 

Join the movement We are always on the look out for new talented musicians and volunteers!

Pangean Orchestra


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